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Niles Township East-West High School
Class Of 1963


We continue to keep this virtual home of the Niles Township East-West High School Class of 1963 active. It is a place for all things connecting all those who, between the fall of 1959 and the spring of 1963, inhabited each other's lives and who hold some or all of this shared history in common.

This website was created by your Class of '63 Reunion Steering Committee via to reconnect, promote, remember, and celebrate everyone who was part of our class.



Classmates Still Missing


Allen, Steven Irwin
Anderson, Karen T.
Andrews, Karen Laverne
Aultz, Deborah Jane
Bain, Juliette Helen
Baskin, Trudie Ellen
Batangtaris, (Moerni) Irawati
Baumann, Patricia L.
Beaver, Susan Jane
Becker, Karin Ann
Bedoe, Marie Beth
Beil, Deborah Sue
Bekier, Letitia Kathleen
Benzel, Gail Ann
Bergren, Richard Kenneth
Berke, Jay Paul
Berloznik, Joan Marie
Bernstein, Marsha H.
Biga, Barbara Ann
Birger, Michael
Bloom, Elyse Jacqueline
Bohat, Cheri Ann
Bonesz, Karen Lee
Boyk, Juanita Lynn
Boysen, Barbara Helen
Bridge, Diane Mary
Brunderman, John Martin
Bryer, Renee Sheri
Butland, Nancy Lee
Carlson, Gale M.
Cech, Laura K.
Chagares, Bill
Clayman (Bloom), Susan C.
Cohen, Karen Ann
Comess, Cherie Alaina
Cooper (Wasser), Bunny (Marcy)
Couzin, Robert Alan
Cowan, Ellyn Sue
Cowen, Stuart Martin
Dammann, Ronald Edward
Dantuma, (Karen) Michelle
Davis, Joanne Carol
Dean, Richard Henry
Dervishian, Deanna M.
Diamond, Richard A.
Dolnick, Susanne Lynn
Dorband, Anne Marie
Dory, Maria Theresa
Ederer, Barbara Marion
Edwards, Michael Stephen
Engen, Beverly Jean
Epstein, Sharon Lynne
Fallico, Richard J
Felber, Janice Kay
Ferguson, John Charles
Fields, D. John
Fixel, Carol Ann
Freres, Maureen Ann
Friedman, Carol Joy
Frishman, Penny
Frodin, (Sharon) Joyce
Gelman (Crane), Harriet Felice
Gilluly, Sandra
Gordon, Gail F.
Grecu, Susan Jane
Green, Richard A.
Grippo, Diane E.
Gross, Sally (Salome) M.
Grossman, Wendy Marsha
Gutbrod, Carol Ann
Halpern, Elayne June
Harris, Karen Lee
Harris, Marlene Ann
Harrison, Donna Lynn
Hartenfeld, Jeffrey A.
Henkin, Carolyn (Carol) Dawn
Henner, Hilary Marsha
Herr, Heide Marie
Herrmann, Merrily Sue
Heyman, Miralynn M.
Hirsch, Danna Eve
Hirsh, Rochelle B.
Horwitz, Ellen Mae
Horwitz, Steven D.
Huempfner, Patricia Louise
Jaeger, Leslie Marie
Jobst, John Louis
Johnson, Constance Ruth
Johnson, Judy Ann
Johnson, Lynn Mabel
Jvarsky, Barbara Joyce
Kahn, Jerold Ronald
Kaluzna, Renee Joyce
Kardoff, Joan Alice
Karlos, Christopher A.
Karol, Rochelle Merle
Katsoulis, Lawrence N.
Kaywood, Jeffrey James
Kazelak, Richard Jay
Kazmierczak, Sheila
Kelz, Linda Sharon
Klein, Gerald
Klein, Kenneth (Kenny) S.
Kluegel, Karen D.
Kluge, Karin Lee
Kohler, Rosemary E.
Kossof, Teddie
Kozlov, Gail Lynn
Kraatz, Suzanne Mary
Kramer, Stephen Richard
Kramer, Stephen Saul
Kritzler, Betty Doris
Kumlin, Carol Susan
Lampert, Jill Lee
Landauer, Judith Ann
Lantz (Gustafson), Jacqueline Anne
Larson, Glenn Allen
Larson, Maureen Frances
Larson, Sharon Lianne
Leibowitz, Paula
Lev, Andrea Susan
Levin, Gayle Barbara
Levin, Nona
Lewis, Gary Spencer
Lewis, Roberta Lee
Lindemann, Gary A.
Loeding, Ruth Ann
Lund, Thomas Allan
Margulies, Jean Esther
Margulies, Joan Marion
Matuszak, Lynn M.
Mayer, Arleen Mary
McMahon, Mardell Ruth
Mehrholz, John Edwin
Meyer, Carole Jean
Meyers, Joan Ellen
Miller, Glee Bonnie
Moravcik, Jacqueline Marie
Morgan, Sherle Lee
Mudgett, Mary Ann
Munk, Mariana Renata
Murray, Donna Gaye
Nineberg, Malcolm Saul
Novotny, Claudia Louise
Olney, Jacqueline Ann
Olsher (Perkins), Bonnie Lee
Olson, Janet Louise
Orjechowski, Ronald
Pahnke, Dianne Marie
Paus, Barbara Joan
Perlove, Marilyn
Perrin, Bruce C.
Peterson, Russell L.
Phillips, Neil Franklin
Pietrzak, Janice Jean
Pildes, Ellen
Plotnick, Alyse Rue
Potrue, Kenneth W.
Radzin (Patterson), Darleen Carol
Ritchey, Suzanne Gail
Robins, Bobbe Gale
Robson, Richard
Ronan, James
Rosengard (Marsh), Judith S.
Rosenweig, Jim (James) Marshall
Rubenstein, Emmy Lou
Rudnet, Phylis Miriam
Sampson, Adele J.
Sandstedt, David E.
Schneider, Marilyn Lee
Schulman, Sheri Ann
Schulte, Margaret Anne
Schulz, John P.
Seigel, Richard Michael
Seligman, Diane Miriam
Shedd, Vicki Ann
Siegel, Jeffery Alan
Sielski, Betty Jane
Silverstein, (Arthur) Bruce
Skrzymowski, Sandra Charlene
Slive, Arnold Benjamin
Sorinsky, Olivia Sue
Stillman, Roberta Faith
Stocker, Doreen Lee
Sullivan, Carol Frances
Swider (Kawaler), Justine Marie
Szwajger, Yolanda
Tangul, Miriam Leslie
Tenner, Janis Lee
Theis, Marie Roberta
Tieger, Jeffrey E.
Timmer, William Malcolm
Tokeshi, Richard Joseph
Torosic, Teryle Ann
Trotcky, Sheila Rita
Turpak, Stephen Lee
Vavrinek, Starr Darlene
Vidock, Darlene Diane
Wallace, Judith Ann
Walter, John Richard
Weinlein, Michael
Weinstein, Lee Ivan
Wells, Jane Ann
Wells, Joan Helen
Wolf, Lawrence Stephen
Young, Charles
Zapas, Clarice C.
Zimka (Hoferle), Theresa





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50th Reunion Steering Committee

L to R:  Bill Brandt, Kathi Kent Foley, Dave McCarty, Paul Meyers Shur, Don Raab, Earl Hoffenberg.
Not pictured: Bob Anderson, Cheryl Clauson Stryker, Dorothy Matter Pirovano, & Susie Gallowich Mogdans.

Robert Anderson

Bill Brandt

Kathi Kent Foley, Co-Chair

Earl Hoffenberg

Dave McCarty, Co-Chair

Susie Gallowich Mogdans, Webmistress

Dorothy Matter Pirovano

Donald Raab

Paula Meyers Shur

Cheryl Clauson Stryker